FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Do your earring wires contain nickel?

No, all of our hooks are Sterling silver, Surgical Steel, or Hypo Allergenic materials. Sterling Silver earring hooks are available, and we can replace the existing hooks with Nickel Free Sterling if you have extra sensitive ears. Just make a note at checkout, requesting Sterling Silver hooks, and we will be sure to swap them for you!

Can I request different hooks?

Yes!  If you would like to switch your hooks from silver color to gold color or vice versa, just leave us a note in the "Order Comments" box at checkout and we will gladly switch them! You may also request Sterling Silver hooks on any of our earrings if you have extra sensitive ears.

What size earrings should I order?

Most of our customers prefer size medium, and we typically recommend that size to begin with. The earrings are so lightweight that you will find that any size is comfortable, but the medium and large sizes get noticed more often.

Women with short hair usually prefer the large and medium sizes. It is really a matter of personal preference. 

The mini/toddler are the perfect sizes for the cute little girls in your life!

Are all of the earrings the same thickness or made from the same material?

No, we have several different thicknesses or types of leather or faux leather that we use:

  • Lightest Weight: the material is flexible, soft to the touch, and the lightest leather we use. 
  • Light Weight: the material is thinner and a little easier to bend than the firm but keeps its shape well.
  • Firm: this material is stiff and the thickest we carry (but still super lightweight).

What do the backs of the earrings look like?

The backs will differ slightly between styles; it is the nature of working with faux leather. Often the backs are a shade lighter than the main color on the front but can sometimes have a dark back or a white back.

I lost one of my earrings, Can I order just one?

Leather / Faux Leather is an unpredictable material, so each pair of our leather earrings is unique in texture and color, making it often difficult to match new leather to older leather. However, we want to help and often can! We do have replacement earrings available for many of our current products. To request a replacement earring, please email us a photo to info@rosemae.boutique to determine if your earrings can be replaced.

Do you make vegan leather products?

We do have a limited section of vegan leather products at this time, but may add more if there is enough interest in the future.

Will you be restocking previous colors and prints?

Yes and no! We love to keep styles fresh and we will always be bringing in different colors and textures.  Many of our leather hides are limited so if you see a color that you love, purchase it before it sells out and if you are looking for an older style, keep checking back or email us to make a special request info@rosemae.boutique